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Willow Point Wines has a wide selection of award winning Cellar Craft wine kits. Willow Point Wines and Wine Master Brian Ross, have been serving the Campbell River area since 1998. Come in today to discuss your wine making project and see the difference that custom wine making can do for you!

Willow Point Wines not only offers the finest U-Vin wine kits in Campbell River, but you can also make your own dessert wines, coolers, ciders, and liquors!

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Ferment on Premises Wine Shop Making Wines, Ciders & Coolers From Kits and/or Your Own Fruit
Willow Point Wines U-Vin
Willow Point Wines U-Vin4 days ago
That time of year where we are processing as much fruit as we possibly can. It has been a great year for Apples 🍎 and pears 🍐 and we need to expand our overflow shelving. It does cramp our bottling area a little but great to see the fruit being used and turned into delightful drinks. #willowpointwinesuvin #campbellriverbc #fruit #fruitwine #cider #peary #backyardwine #apple #pear #sparklingwine #fermentation #yeast #sugar #wine
Willow Point Wines U-Vin
Willow Point Wines U-Vin4 days ago
Look what I found in the shop tonight. Doing some rearranging for overflow shelving and found my 3 sons. The oldest just turned 18 this month. #oldpictures #willowpointwinesuvin #campbellriverbc #mythreesons #fruitseason #treasures
Willow Point Wines U-Vin
Willow Point Wines U-Vin1 week ago
A go fund me page has been started now. Please take the time to watch the video, and share with your friends. ❀️ will help this post travel farther and reach more people. Every little bit helps. Thank you.
Willow Point Wines U-Vin
Willow Point Wines U-Vin shared The Vine's post.2 weeks ago
Reserve yours now.
Willow Point Wines U-Vin
Willow Point Wines U-Vin2 weeks ago
It seems like you need to see it to believe it. I know that it goes against what you would naturally think. If you are going to juice your apples 🍎 and pears 🍐 please make sure that they are ripe enough that the flavours are developed but the flesh is still crisp. Once the fruit goes soft you will get a lot less juice with a lot more work. Once the fruit has gone soft I do not want to see it in my shop. #campbellriverbc #winemaking #fruitpress #apple #pear #willowpointwinesuvin #cider #peary #fruitseason #ripefruit
Willow Point Wines U-Vin
Willow Point Wines U-Vin
Willow Point Wines U-Vin4 weeks ago
First crabapples have arrived today. They have a very short season, no more than 2 weeks. They make a delicious cider when mixed with other apples. They also make a fabulous liquor. This is a valuable crop don’t let it go to waste. Book your pressing time now.