An Overview

Now, instead of bringing your fruit and berry harvest into the shop for juicing, we come to you with our mobile fruit press, and you can bottle your own creations at home with Brian’s guidance.

  • Bookings are in one-hour increments ($50 prepaid online, non-refundable if you cancel less than 48 hours before appointment).
  •  Additional pressings beyond this are $25, due at the time of pressing (cash preferred or e-transfer on site). If you have more fruit than can be pressed in one hour, book a second hour at $50 that will count as two more paid pressings.
  • Depending on the type of fruit (see below), it is possible to fill the press 2-5 times in an hour.
  • You are responsible for removing the pulp produced. Consider composting it or donating to a local farmer for livestock feed.

Once you have your juice, you can turn it into a variety of fermented products. If you need additional supplies for home winemaking, check out our online shop. You can pick up your online orders by appointment in Campbell River, or have them delivered to you when you have your fruit pressed.

Additional Information


  • Grapes are best pressed fresh but we can press previously frozen grapes. 1-2 pressings per hour
  • Having grapes tested before harvesting is recommended!
  • You need 30-100 lb. of grapes to make 23 L of wine. the press can hold over 150lbs of grapes.
  • More juice generally yields a better wine
  • You can bottle your wine after a minimum of 10 weeks, but it could take 10 months for a better wine.

Apples & Pears

  • It takes 80-100 lb. to fill the press once ( Aprox. 2.5 Milk Crates Full) 2-5 pressings per hour
  • Apples and pears are best for juicing when they are still crisp (we won’t press overripe or soft pears unless mixed with crisp fruit)
  • A full press of crisp apples will usually produce 23-26L (easy and fast)
  • A full press of over ripe soft apples will usually produce 16-19L and will need more time to get it. (Hard and slow, 2 per hour)
  • Additional sugar will be needed if you want to make a wine.
  • Adding Ginger and Lime is an excellent idea for ciders or juice.

Most Other Fruit

  • Berries, Rhubarb, Stone Fruits are best if they have been frozen first.
  • Stone fruit ( Plum, Peach…) should be pitted and frozen first.
  • Non-blended blackberry wine and a raspberry wine will be two separate pressings
  • You need 20-30 lb. of fruit for 23 L of wine (1-3 pressings per hour)
  • Freeze the fruit
  • Before defrosting the fruit, you’ll need to pick up a “magic packet” kit from the online shop ($12.00) at least 5 days before the pressing date.
  • Defrost the fruit in the bucket from the kit
  • Mix in Packet #1 from the kit
  • Twenty-four hours later, add the yeast from the kit
  • You’ll also need 4kg of sugar to produce a wine with 10-12% alcohol (more sugar if you desire higher alcohol content)
  • You can bottle your wine after a minimum of 10 weeks of fermenting and clearing, maybe 10 months for a better wine.