Specialty Products

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For these specialty products research and development has been done in house to create the recipes we use today.


Ginger Beer

Over the last year (2017) we have been developing some recipes for Ginger Beer. We are now ready to offer our customers the opportunity to make their own 23 Liter batch of our Ginger Beer here using fresh Ginger, Lemons, and Limes. Two of the very important variables that the customers will have a say in is the alcohol % and the sweetness level.

Base Price Sparkling $157.00



Cranberry Wine / Cranberry Coolers

Some time before 2012 we started to get cranberries from the local farms in the Campbell River area and make wine. It can be enjoyed as a wine with turkey dinner or as a ice cold drink in the hot summer sun, especially popular as a cooler.  We press the berries and keep the  juice  packaged and frozen ready to make wine. Again it can be sweetened to your taste and can be made as a sparkling product too.

Base Price $185.00 – Sparkling $206.40